Water Heaters With Galvanized Plumbing

Galvanized steel that had been corrorded over the years.

Today we are talking about galvanized plumbing and the potential problems it poses for water heater replacement. First, a little history: Galvanized plumbing was popular up until the 1960s and was the main type of metal pipe used for plumbing in all different situations. Galvanized pipes have been dipped in a protective zinc coating. This … Read more


Goodie bags at a Halloween Party.

Well, another Halloween has come and gone and we here at Water Heaters Only, Inc. celebrated it with a ghoulish Halloween party that featured a costume contest as well as spooky treats and even eyeball punch. It was a lot of fun and that’s how we do things here: We work hard but we make … Read more

Are you not getting enough hot water?

No HOT Water?!  The words echo in homes across America. Have you noticed lately that you run out of hot water before your shower is over or before your bath is full? Or does that only occur when you have guests staying with you? Either way, running out of hot water is no fun and could … Read more

Everyday is Earthday…but especially April 22!

A happy llittle kid throwing a giant ball.

Earth Day is our favorite holiday!   On April 6, Water Heaters Only, Inc. Oakland participated in Sustainable Oakland‘s Earth EXPO and met hundreds of fellow environmentalists! We spoke with revelers about High Efficiency Hot Water Tanks and how they can save money and water! Our technicians were on hand to give out treats and information … Read more

How to inspect and maintain your Pressure Regulator

Water Heaters are the bomb! They make showers and bath times a warm and heated experience. But without proper maintenance, your 40-gallon water heater could ACTUALLY BE A BOMB! The number one risk reducer is your temperature and pressure regulator (also known as you T&P valve). When working properly, your pressure regulator will open and relieve … Read more

What Is FVIR Technology? | FAQ FRIDAY VIDEO!

It’s FAQ Friday and we’re back with Nick & Matt answering a frequently asked question from our customers! This weeks question is: What Is FVIR Technology? Nick explains FVIR Tech and what it’s all about in this video. If you have a question and looking for an answer, comment it below and well answer it … Read more

Winter home energy savings tips

Break out the hot cocoa and earmuffs …winter is coming! Read on to learn our winter home energy savings tips. With the change in weather comes unwanted increases in costs to keep warm in the cold season. Here are a few savings tips to prepare and winterize your home and water heater for the most … Read more