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How to inspect and maintain your Pressure Regulator

Water Heaters are the bomb!

They make showers and bath times a warm and heated experience. But without proper maintenance, your 40-gallon water heater could ACTUALLY BE A BOMB!

The number one risk reducer is your temperature and pressure regulator (also known as you T&P valve). When working properly, your pressure regulator will open and relieve pressure buildup inside your hot water heater tank. The pressure regulator valve also will also help regulate your hot water heater’s temperature. When it gets too hot, the release valve will discharge overheated water in an effort to reduce the temperature. Any damage to your valve should be repaired immediately. This decision is not a “wait to see if it fixes itself” decision. You can often locate the valve on the exterior of your home or business, perhaps not too far from the water meter. At first glance, you will want to note the manufacturer’s name on the valve. Once identified, we will be able to give you the cost of that valve’s replacement and installation. You definitely want to check your warranty because T&P valves are covered and we would be happy to assist you with your coverage on a newer unit. The wear and tear on your T&P valve may be visible, so you can take a peak and if you have any questions about what you see, you can always send us a photo of it! There is a test lever on the valve and it is designed to release a small bit of water and steam. If this area is leaking or is not releasing water or steam when opened, it will have to be replaced.

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