Well, another Halloween has come and gone and we here at Water Heaters Only, Inc. celebrated it with a ghoulish Halloween party that featured a costume contest as well as spooky treats and even eyeball punch. It was a lot of fun and that’s how we do things here: We work hard but we make sure to have some fun as well. It’s nice once in a while to just sit and relax with your co-workers and have a little Halloween fun.

Here are a couple of pictures of our awesome lunch and goodies:

And here is our staff all decked out and dressed up for Halloween:

The Halloween W.H.O. Crew

All in all, it was a great day, but now it’s November and time to start thinking about the winter, which is typically our busy season. Why is it our busy season? It’s because when the weather starts turning cold, the ground water starts getting colder as well which makes your water heater work harder to heat your water. Not only that, but depending on where your water heater is located, the air surrounding the water heater itself is colder which also can make your water heater work a little harder to provide you with hot water.

Before winter arrives, we encourage you to consider having us come out and inspect your water heater. A few of the things we will look for include the age of the water heater, any leaks that might be occurring and whether the hot and cold water lines are insulated. While we are there, let us know if there are any issues you may be aware of including a lack of hot water or water that doesn’t get hot enough and if your water heater is making any rumbling type noises. A noisy water heater could have sediment that has hardened in the bottom of the water heater and this will also make it work harder to produce hot water for the home. If we find that the water heater is old and is very noisy, it may time to consider replacing it before the weather really turns cold.

So give us a call now and we will be happy to come out take a look at your water heater. Just give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days week at 1-866-WHO-QUICK (1-866-946-7842) and one of our water heater experts will set up a time at your convenience and we can help you have peace of mind about your water heater heading into winter.